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Cheesemaking Workshop

Cheesemaking Workshop

Book at Healing Arts

750 pollen street

3½ hr session 2 Saturday September

10am -1.30 pm

Halloumi, Feta, Ricotta& Marcarpone $120 pp

Halloumi,Feta,Ricotta and Mascarpone… This will be an introduction to the principles of cheesemaking and a demonstration of

3 different cheeses which we make from one 10litre bucket of local sourced unpasteurised fresh milk.

And also delicious mascarpone whilst we wait for

the rennet to set …

Afterwards there will be cheese tasting of these cheeses

My chesemaking book 'Cutting the Curd’ will also be available for $10 on the day.

Venue in Thames to be confirmed

With Katherine Mowbray

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